Mosquito Abatement

We are spraying for mosquitoes in full force during appropriate seasons. If you do not see us, it’s because we are spraying between 2am & 10am daily as this is the most effective time to achieve a higher kill rate. Please use mosquito dunks in standing water on your own property. They are available at feed stores, Lowe’s & Home Depot.

What you can do:

Wear repellent — every time you go outside. 75% of those who contract West Nile never wear repellent.

Eliminate standing water — follow the water! Mosquitoes need standing water in order to lay eggs. Check your yard for anything that holds water and dump it out. Mosquitoes can grow in something as small as a bottle cap!

Treat where you can’t drain — use products containing BT or other larvicides to treat standing water you can’t eliminate such as birdbaths, meter boxes or French drains.