Montgomery County Precinct 4


A driveway/culvert inspection is required to install or modify a driveway in Montgomery County Precinct 4. The property owner is required to pay the culvert inspection fee before applying for the Septic Permit. The Permit Department will require the Property Owner to show proof of receipt that the culvert inspection fee was paid to Precinct 4.


  1. $25 inspection fee must be paid for by the property owner at the Precinct 4 Service Center.

  3. A Precinct 4 Inspector will visit the site and determine the required pipe size and needed materials.

  5. Property owner is responsible for installing the culvert/driveway. It is the responsibility of the property owner to ensure that their contractor installs the culvert at Precinct 4 requirements given by the Precinct 4 Inspector.

  7. After the culvert is installed, the property owner must call for an inspection BEFORE the culvert is covered.