Mosquito Control 

Precinct 4 is spraying for mosquitoes in full force during the appropriate seasons. Treatment spraying is done when the species that carry disease are most active to achieve a higher kill rate- between dusk and dawn. This is also the appropriate time to spray as to not effect the bee population. You can view the interactive map below to view when your area was last treated.

To prevent mosquitos from building a tolerance and keep the effectiveness, the type of treatment that is sprayed can only be used every 5-6 weeks.

In addition to spraying, Montgomery County funds a Mosquito Abatement Program, where other mosquito control methods are used such as trapping and testing mosquitoes for any mosquito-borne diseases. For more information on the Mosquito Abatement Program, please call 281-364-4203.

Do YOUR Part! 

Wear repellent! — every time you go outside. 75% of those who contract West Nile never wear repellent.

While Precinct 4 will continue their efforts to mitigate mosquito activity, it is important to do your part on your property. Mosquitoes reproduce in standing water. Mosquitos can grow in something as small as a bottle cap! Eliminate any standing water sites on your property. If you can’t drain it- treat it. Use larvicides or products that use BTI in areas you can’t drain. A 6-inch puddle of water can create over 1,000 mosquitos in a week!